Sales Outsourcing

What is Sales Outsourcing and how it works?

Decades ago, it wasn’t common to outsource sales and marketing due to the slower and simpler processes. Traditional advertising campaigns rolled out over months, and the data returned to marketing teams usually came from focus groups and sales departments. The sales team than had time to follow up with a strategy to convert and close the deals. With the digital revolution, everything has changed – speed, scope, budgeting, data, timing.

Until quite recently, most businesses tended to develop in-house solutions to face the needs of growing their sales and marketing functions – they either employed a dedicated group of sales and marketing professionals, or assigned existing employees who ended up wearing multiple hats. The results of this approach are often inconsistent in spite of what it may cost to run them. There is an alternative – outsourcing your sales and marketing functions.

Depending on the development stage of each business, there are multiple benefits in outsourcing your sales and marketing efforts. For start-ups and early stage companies demand generation or sales appointment setting might be all that is needed, while for more established businesses outsourcing the complete sales process all the way through order-capture and account management may be the right move.